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Webinaire Jérémy Blaizot (CRAL) & Joakim Rosdahl (CRAL)

Webinaire ASNum Jérémy Blaizot (CRAL) & Joakim Rosdahl (CRAL) Astrophysics from star formation to cosmology scales with RAMSES across the globe   RAMSES is a publicly available adaptive mesh refinement code used for a multitude of astrophysics problems over the last two decades by a growing community across the globe, and is one…
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Webinaire Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG)

Webinaire ASNum Geoffroy Lesur (IPAG) IDEFIX Idefix is a Godunov MHD finite volume code designed to run on accelerated supercomputers using the C++ Kokkos framework. In this webinar, I will discuss our motivations for creating a new code (in contrast to porting an existing one) and the path we followed. As the code is now…
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Webinaire Emmanuel Bertin (CEA)

Webinaire ASNum Emmanuel Bertin (CEA) New prospects on Wide-Field imaging with Deep Learning   Since the 19th century, wide-field imaging has significantly advanced numerous fields of Astrophysics, spanning from the study of solar system bodies to observational cosmology. Further advances in detector technology and processing power now enable the exploration of the time domain at…
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Webinaire Paulo Alves (UCLA)

Webinaire ASNum Paulo Alves UCLA Distilling reduced plasma physics models from the data of first-principles kinetic simulations At the core of some of the most important problems in plasma physics—from controlled nuclear fusion to the acceleration of cosmic rays—is the challenge to describe nonlinear, multiscale plasma dynamics. The development of reduced plasma models that balance…
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Webinaire Anne-Laure Ligozat

Webinaire ASNUM The environmental costs of computing Anne-Laure Ligozat Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire des Sciences du Numérique (LISN) The use of digital services and equipment keeps increasing in all domains, and in particular in scientific computing. These digital applications have environmental costs, that have begun to be taken into account. But assessing the environmental impact of digital…
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